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Pro Plus 45 Degree


25Km/h (PMD Limited)












45 Degree

Voltrium Pro Plus – Gen 4

$6,599.00 incl

The fourth generation of our Flagship scooter is arriving in less than 1 month!

Born and raised in Australia, the Next Generation Pro Plus is ready to reign as the king of electric scooters.

The best part? It’s PMD Compliant! (QLD and VIC). It is the first hyperscooter in Australia that is legal to be ridden in public thanks to our clever engineering; Pro Plus meets size and weight restrictions.

Ask yourself in bed tonight: What would it feel like to ride the best Australian electric scooter on your favourite route, enjoying the beastly performance on tap with zero fear of your battery running out?

There is only one way to find out…


The fourth Generation Pro Plus is ready to reign as the best electric scooter in Australia and probably the world.

Designed to fall under 1.25M in length and 60kg weight. This is the first legal hyperscooter to be used in public for VIC and QLD.

Equipped with Dual Motor Power, Seated and Stand up convertible design and a insanely long range 72v Battery system. This is the pinnacle of electric scooter technology


25Km/h (PMD Limited)












45 Degree

This is what impossible looks like

The 4th Generation Pro Plus is ready to reign as the King of E-scooters. Designed and Engineered in Australia, this beast defies physics and gives you a riding experience you have never experienced before. 

Explore the key innovations for the Pro Plus:

dynamic but comfy

Go from stand up riding to comfortable seated riding on the fly without any tools with our signature convertible design. Pro Plus is a 2 in 1 scooter.

stable and lightweight

Our front Stem design offers equivalent stability to the best Dual Stem systems but shaves over 5kg of weight and offers telescopic height adjustment. That’s clever engineering.

Power with control

Dual Motor scooters can experience serious front wheelspin on acceleration. Our proprietary Torque Vectoring system eliminates wheelspin, improving control and safety.

Hyperscooter Busting Features

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    Motor PowerDual 2000w Hi Torque Hub Motors
    Top Speed100km/h (Off Road Top Speed)
    Wheel Size13" Pneumatic Wheels
    Battery 72V 40AH
    Battery Capacity40Ah (2880Wh)
    Battery Life1000 - 1200 Cycles (3 - 6 Years)
    RangeUp to 120Km (Verified Real World)*
    Charging Time2 - 4 Hours
    Fast ChargingYes
    Deck TypeMetal With Grip sticker
    Front & Rear LightsYes
    Headlight Output Power1300 Lumens
    Front & Rear SuspensionHydraulic Long Travel Coil Type
    Spring SeatYes
    Deck Locking TabsYes
    Safety Pins (Seat & Steering)Yes
    Manual Cruise ControlYes
    Throttle StyleThumb Throttle
    Instrumentation3.5 Inch LCD display - Speed | ODO | Voltage | Trip Meter | 3 modes | 5 Speed levels
    Load Capacity145Kg
    Net Weight59Kg
    Folded Dimensions125cm L x 62cm W x 30cm H
    Unfolded Dimensions125cm L x 62cm W x 122cm H
    Deck Size50cm L x 32cm W
    • Motor Power : 60v 3000w (6000w Peak) High Torque Brushless Motor
    • Voltage : 60v
    • 0 – 60km/h : 3.5 Sec
    • Top Speed : 70Km/h
    • Wheel Size : 13″ Pneumatic Wheels (30.5cm)

    Battery 30AH :

      • Battery Capacity : 30Ah (1800Wh)
      • Battery Life : 1000 – 1200 Cycles (3 – 6 Years)
      • Range : Up to 50Km (Verified Real World)*
      • Charging Time : 2 – 4 Hours
      • Fast Charging : Yes

    Battery 40AH :

      • Battery Capacity : 40Ah (2400Wh)
      • Battery Life : 1000 – 1200 Cycles (3 – 6 Years)
      • Range : Up to 70Km (Verified Real World)*
      • Charging Time : 2 – 4 Hours
      • Fast Charging : Yes

    Battery 50AH :

      • Battery Capacity : 50Ah (3000Wh)
      • Battery Life : 1000 – 1200 Cycles (3 – 6 Years)
      • Range : Up to 90Km (Verified Real World)*
      • Charging Time : 2 – 4 Hours
      • Fast Charging : Yes
    • Deck Type : Metal With Grip sticker
    • Front & Rear : LightYes
    • Headlight Output Power : 1300 Lumens
    • Front & Rear Suspension : Yes
    • Horn : Yes
    • Spring Seat : Yes
    • Deck Locking Tabs : Yes
    • Safety Pins (Seat & Steering)  : Yes
    • Hydraulic Brakes + Electric Brake : Yes (Electric Brake Adjustable Low – High)
    • Manual Cruise Control : Yes
    • Throttle Style : Half Twist Throttle (Thumb Throttle Available)
    • LED LCD Dashboard : Current Speed, Odometer, Trip Meter, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Backlit Screen
    • Tread Options : Off-Road (12″) Or Tarmac Style Tread (13″) (CST) Available
    • Controller Options : Programmable Bluetooth Controller (smooth start and Hard Start can be adjusted to customer requirements)
    • 3 Speed Modes : 10Km/h (Road Legal) | 25km/h (Road Legal) | 70km/h (Non-Road Legal)
    • Load Capacity : 140Kg
    • Net Weight : 52Kg
    • Folded Dimensions : 122cm L x 62cm W x 30cm H
    • Unfolded Dimensions : 122cm L x 62cm W x 122cm H

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    Our orders take 2-3 business days to dispatch. This accounts for time for all payments to clear our Fraud Check and for us to perform our Quality Check and install Accessories.

    Voltrium uses Team Global Express as the primary carrier for transportaion Scooters. Below is a general shipping time guideline:


    Within Vic: 1-2 Business Days

    TAS: 2-3 Business Days

    SA and NSW: 2-3 Business Days

    QLD: 3-4 Business Days

    WA: 4-5 Business Days


    Q : Can I take the Pro Off-Roading?

    A : Yes, the Voltrium Pro Plus+ is designed to handle light duty off-roading. It can easily handle trips off the beaten path. However the Pro is not waterproof and must not wade through any water source. At no point should the Pro be used in an extreme manner. This includes any stunt jumps, overloading of the scooter or riding with more than 1 person onboard.

    Q : Do I need to perform any servicing on the scooter?

    A : The Voltrium Pro requires basic periodic maintenance, especially if used in off-road environments. The Chain will need to be periodically tightened and lubricated with chain lube.

    Q : Do you offer Local Pickup and test Rides ?

    A : Yes we offer local Pickup at our Clayton facility and test riding at our stockists Australia wide. Contact Us for more information about pickup and test riding.

    Q : I need help purchasing online do you guys offer over phone purchases ?

    A : Yes we offer over the phone purchases. Contact us for more help.

    Q : Does Voltrium offer after-sales support?

    A : The team at Voltrium prides itself on offering exceptional after-sales support. From stocking the full range of parts for all our scooters. To a team with technical knowledge about the scooters we offer, with a super quick turn around on all questions you may have. You can learn more about Voltrium and who we are here


    Pro Series Scooters come with our Industry Leading Warranty:

    2 Years on Battery.

    3 Years on Scooter.


    The Australian based warranty covers against manufacturing defects and product faults. Consumables such as brake pads and tyres are not covered.