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Becoming an Affiliate

How does it work?

For every customer that successfully makes a purchase using your code you will be given a payout. 

*For a transaction to be considered successful, they must be a legitimate customer that does not file a chargeback and is approved by all fraud filters.

How much do i get paid?

Rates will vary based on what scooter the customer purchased and what discounts/sales are running during that period. But you can expect 5-15% commission on every successful payment made by a customer using your codes at the checkout. 

How do I get Paid?

You will be asked for your bank details so that payments can be made when a customer successfully makes a purchase of a scooter. 

How do I get a discount Code?

You will be provided with your own unique discount code upon sign up. When a customer uses this code on any scooter order, you will be given a commission.

Affiliate Program

Make money by referring others to a Voltrium scooter, it’s that simple. If you love your Voltrium Scooter why not let others know about it and get paid to do so.


Input your Original Order Number that was used to make the purchase of your scooter. This is used to confirm that you are a owner of a Voltrium electric scooter
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