About Us


We're an energetic brand focused on delivering high performance, high end electric scooters. We're actively involved in the electric vehicle community and take pride in our deep technical knowledge and drive to constantly improve our products and service.

At Voltrium, our strong technical knowledge and the drive to constantly improve our products, as well as our high standards of customer service puts us ahead of the game. Our team has over 7 Years of experience with electric scooters.

The founders Daniel and Jeff actually owned electric scooters prior to launching Voltrium but were dissatisfied with the overall ownership experience and realised the huge potential of electric scooters. The concept of an electric scooter was excellent, however the execution at the time was simply not up to scratch. Offerings were either cheaply made and fell apart after several months of usage or they were unrealistically expensive. After sales service was close to non existent as most had no knowledge of how they worked. it was just another product an eBay warehouse sold for extra profits.

That's where the seed for Voltrium was formed. Using our engineering, IT and media background, we will give Australians one of the best experience they can have on electric scooters. We offer high performance scooters that no one has done before and continue to evolve them to give a riding experience that is unmatched.

Our recipe has remained virtually the same until this day, except we are working on bigger and better projects. We've started off making small improvements to our product range such as fitting upgraded chain tensioners for easier servicing on the Rogue Series and improving the chargers. We developed our own powertrain for the Pro series in 2019 and have many more exciting projects we are working on in the background.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we focused our attention on R&D, developing a body control module for the Pro scooter, simplifying it's manufacturing process. We invested in a 3D Printer to speed up prototyping, allowing ideas for improvements to come to fruition much faster.

Are you ready to join a passionate and friendly community of Voltrium owners?