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Electric Scooter FAQ’s

Each state has its own restrictions. On public property they are allowed on footpaths and parks etc  QLD and ACT. They’re perfectly legal privately everywhere. Some members of our community use our e scooters to travel around their farm property, while others purchase our golf attachment to turn the Rogue or Pro scooters into a mobile golf caddy. The Possibilities are endless.

This is mainly down to the power and tyres. All our scooters are designed to cope with real world use. Our Pro + model can carry an adult up a 45 degree incline and 13 inch chunky wheels for increased stability on gravel pathways. All our scooters can also be equipped with off-road wheels to increase their all-terrain capability.

Our Pro + model is designed to achieve up to 150 km on a single charge. This is much higher than the average e scooter which is about 10 to 40 km’s. No more worrying if your scooter will make it through the day. When it’s time to recharge, our scooters are equipped with genuine fast charging that tops up the battery pack in 4 hours, compared to the average time of 8 – 20 hours.

Currently you can get your Voltrium Serviced at a few different places around Australia. This in includes Voltrium HQ, please check out the link here to our stockists to see where the scooter can be serviced  here

Yes! We have a full range of spare parts for all our main models here. Browse accessories, attachments, batteries, chargers, motors, frames, lights, steering and wheels etc for your Voltrium scooter available online to order

This depends on which scooter you are interested in and what series of scooters you are looking at. The Pro Plus has a top speed of 90km/h. The Rogue 2000 a top speed of 65km/h, Rogue 1600 has a top speed of 50km/h and the Rogue 1200 and Hero both have a top speed of 45km/h.

Depending on model and specification of the battery and scooter you choose you can expect a range of between 30km – 150km per charge.

Yes, absolutely. All our e-scooter ranges are designed as performance scooters so they can easily traverse inclines of at least 15 degrees. However, if you require even more torque, then we highly recommended speaking to a Voltrium representative about what you would like to achieve, and they will be able to help you out with choosing the right scooter and setup for that situation.

All Voltrium models are at least IPX4 water resistant and can be ridden in light rain without issues, however it’s never recommended that you go out riding in the rain on purpose.

Voltrium offers Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal through the website, we also offer over the phone payments if you require further assistance with your purchase.

Yes, Voltrium delivers Australia wide through TNT-FedEx and it usually takes anywhere from 1 – 9 business days depending on your location and the type of scooter that has been ordered

In the rare case that you have an issue with your Voltrium scooter, we have a very quick and easy system for resolving the issues. If you have a warranty claim please visit here, fill out the form and someone will either contact you via email or phone. In 99% of cases the problem can be resolved by sending out a replacement part that can be installed by the customer with instruction from us. In the extremely unlikely event that the fix cannot be provided by Voltrium over the phone or email we will have the scooter sent back to us at our expense and the problem resolved.

Sadly, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) limits lithium-ion batteries to 100 Wh or less in carry-on luggage and 160 Wh in checked or stowed luggage which rules out all e-scooters with the only exception being those designated as a mobility aid

For most of Australia, it’s presently 25 Km/h for WA, QLD, TAS and ACT. In VIC it’s limited to 10km/h and motors having an output of 200watts or less. In NSW and SA electric scooters can only be used on private property, if you require further clarification on the e-scooter laws we suggest approaching your local road authority.

Currently, most states in Australia (ACT, QLD, NT, VIC & TAS) allow e-scooters on footpaths and some roads that have a speed sign marked 50km/h or less. For the rest of Australia, you are allowed to ride on designated paths and lanes but be sure to check your local state road authority for specific information on your states e-scooter laws.

You are not required to have a specific license to ride an electric scooter, however Voltrium would encourage users to at least have a learners permit or equivalent before riding a scooter has basic road rules knowledge would be advantageous.

It is illegal for anyone under 12 but the average accepted age is 16 but this can vary from state to state, so please check your local state road authority for specific information on your states e-scooter laws.

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