Q1: There is a noticeable price hike on the Lithium Scooters. Are they really worth it?

Absolutely. There is a higher upfront cost, but there are countless advantages of having Lithium batteries.

Firstly, you get more performance consistently, as Lithium batteries do not drop in voltage as they discharge throughout the ride.

Secondly, they are a quarter of the weight of a Lead acid pack so it is far more convenient to move the scooter around manually.

Thirdly, the battery provides a much better range and outright battery life. You get double the range on Lithium Batteries versus Lead acid and approximately four times the battery life. You would have had to replace the Lead acid pack 3 times to get the same mileage as a Lithium Pack, which actually ends up being more expensive over the long run. Lithium Packs also get 2 years warranty vs 1 year for Lead acid

So, in conclusion, the running cost of a Lithium scooter actually ends up being cheaper over the long run whilst bringing to the table all the benefits mentioned above.

Q2: How come an eBay 1000w scooter can go further and faster than the Voltrium Rogue 2000w scooter?

A lot of sellers on eBay exaggerate their specs to make their product catch the eye of a potential buyer, but they don’t care about how the product really performs. It will be too late when you find out that a 1000w scooter can really only do about 28km/h while it is quoted to do 45km/h on listings.

All our specifications are conservative and have been verified in the real world, so what you see is what you get. Most riders have actually been able to surpass the range specs we quote with more mellow riding.

Q3: Where are you located?

We are an online store and currently don’t have a premises. However, we do offer pickup/test riding in Mount Waverley 3149. Contact us for exact location and time/date available.

Q4: How long does it take for you to deliver my package?

We aim to have your package sent off within 1 – 2 business days. Generally the courier delivers the scooters within 1 – 4 business days, but it can be longer if you live in rural/outer suburbs and/or purchasing during peak seasons (eg. Christmas).

Q5: Are these scooters (Rogue Series) road Legal?

The scooters are not road legal and should not be used in public places (eg. footpaths). This is due to the fact that the motor output is above 200 watts and the scooters travel faster than 10 km/h (according to Vic Roads). Although most of our customers commute to work on our scooters without hassle, it will be ultimately the rider’s responsibility.

Q6: What are my payment options ?

Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash.

Q7: What is the warranty of the Scooters?

All scooters come with a 12 month Limited Warranty. However the Lithium Scooters have a 2 year warranty on the battery. Check our warranty page for more information.

Q8: Where can I get my scooter repaired?

We offer all repair services within Melbourne. If you don’t live in this area, a bike shop or similar should be able to fix any mechanical issues.

Q9: Do you have spare parts?

Yes. We offer all spare parts and try to keep them in stock as best we can. If you want a specific item please email/call us and we should be able to order it in for you.

Q10: I’m working on a DIY Project and I’m looking for…?

Besides the Motor/Controller Kits and the parts we sell on our store, we can also order in other specialty parts like lights, lithium battery packs, seats etc. Contact us to find out more.

Q11: Why are your products more expensive on eBay?

As the outright cost of the scooters are significant compared to the usual items that people buy on eBay, the listing fees are immensely high. Voltrium always promises to offer the best value for money but the listing fees make it necessary for the price to be higher on eBay. Purchasing our products through our website is cheaper, equally as secure as eBay (we use Paypal and Westpac hosted Merchant services) and much more convenient for the customer, meaning your order will be shipped off quicker.