Voltrium is one of Australia's leading electric scooter companies, and we pride ourselves on offering, expert knowledge and advice, a "can do attitude", and high level of detail to customer satisfaction. As such we are always on the lookout for people to join our company that can offer these same key values.


Job Title: Media Director
We're looking for someone with knowledge in photography, video editing, and graphics design. Essentially someone that has familiarity in all of the above, to potentially come onboard with our company for part time work.
Type of work would include lots of different media related projects:
- Creating media content (banners, graphics, website media, photo editing etc.
- Filming/ video editing
- And lots more!!!
Someone that is capable of taking on a brief and then producing work around that brief, but leaving a lot of the artistic talent and expression up to you.
We believe that the best person for this position would be someone that wants to grow with our company and feel like that the work that they're doing is meaningful and can see firsthand what impact they can have.
Key program skills required:
- Photoshop
- Some sort of Video Editor (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc)
- Able to use Socials (FB, Insta, YouTube, etc)
Our company is located in Mount Waverley in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
If you have more specific questions don't hesitate to ask. Even if you think you haven't got all the skills listed please still apply.
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