60v 2000w Controller

$50.00$95.00 Inc. GST



1 x 60v 2000w Controller

Controller Power: 2000 Watts

Voltage: 60v

Amps: 32 Amps

We sell 3 different variants of the 60v 2000w controller Smooth Start, Fast Start and 25km/h Limited.

Smooth start – Taking off/Acceleration at start of riding/driving is more progressive and slightly slower, this can make it easier to handle for beginners, as it results in a less jerky take off.

Fast Start – Take off / Acceleration is quick as it gives you full power and speed right on take off. Better for people that are more use to electric scooters

25km/h Limited – If you want your scooter to meet the “personal mobility device” requirements then you need this controller, which will reduce your top speed to 25km/h