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Buy Electric Scooters in Melbourne

Private electric scooters are now legal in Victoria! As part of the hire electric scooter trials in limited councils in Victoria, City of Melbourne has now included private electric scooters in the final phase. This is fantastic news for Melbournians as we now have a zero emissions, time effective and cost effective way to avoid gridlock traffic on our journeys.

If you’re looking to start your e-scooter journey there are so many choices on the market. We’ve assembled a guide on how to source a quality electric scooter from a reputable brand like ourselves at Voltrium and avoid the traps and headache purchasing dud products.

Usage Scenarios

The first consideration is what you will be using the electric scooter for. Factors such as battery range, rider weight, terrain, type and purpose of riding will guide you to what types of scooters you should be purchasing. 

Generally, on one end of the scale there are lightweight, commuter type electric scooters that are designed for Maximum portability and suited for usage in suburban, inner suburban and CBD type environments. For example, our Ion and Ion Max scooters fit easily on public transport and can be lifted up with one hand. 

The downside of these types of scooters are usually a limited battery range, weak power, lack of all terrain capability, lack of suspension and general poor build quality. Commuter type scooters are usually seen as the entry level scooters. However at Voltrium, we have rectified all these shortcomings on our Ion series and even guarantee them with an industry leading 2 year Warranty.

On the opposite end of the scale are high performance scooters with long range batteries, designed to excite your senses and to cover lots of ground without range anxiety. Our Dual Motor Max and Pro Plus are prime examples of this. We do take things one step further by offering a further layer of sophistication, reliability and supreme comfort as our high performance scooters all come with a quick release comfy saddle seat. 

You will usually see these high performance scooters in outer suburbs and rural areas, exploring the lovely trails Australia and Melbourne in particular has to offer. 

Voltrium Ion Series Scooters. Featuring the Ion and Ion Max.
Voltrium Ion Series - Ion and Ion Max Commuter Scooters
Voltrium Rogue Series Scooters. Featuring the Dual Motor Max
Voltrium Rogue Series - Dual Motor Max High Performance Scooters

Right Scooter. Now the Right People

After you have decided on the type of scooter that suits you, now you need to find a reputable brand that can sell you one. This is easier said than done. 

As Electric Scooters are so new on the market, there are plenty of companies that are in it for the money only, trying to cash in on a rapidly growing industry with next to no knowledge or passion on electric scooters. Furthermore, the credibility of some online reviews can be questionable and many brands often portray an image that is far brighter than what they actually deliver.

At Voltrium, our mantra is Real Customers. Real Reviews. We genuinely put our customers and products first. It is why our existing customers always come back to Voltrium when it is time to upgrade to another e-scooter and when they do they also want to spread the good word of our brand. Peruse through some of the in person testimonials below. For transparency, we also declare that none of these testimonials were paid for.

Looking after you and your scooter for years to come.

After sales support is often overlooked. Most unbranded electric scooters that can be purchased on eBay will come with little to no support should any issues arise. These issues can be minor, such as small defects with tyres or cosmetic damage all the way to scooters that are dead on arrival. Although these sellers may claim they have a warranty, how many happy owners can testify that they have been looked after when trouble was encountered?

With over 8 years of experience now, Voltrium has seen so many grey import brands come and go from the industry, but they all share one characteristic in common. Uncontactable support and a fake warranty period that often involves many months of arguments, headaches and non resolution. These clients usually have their scooters repaired by reputable shop which costs an arm and a leg as the poor design, poor quality and lack of spare parts of these substandard scooters requires technicians to spend twice the amount of time as they usually do on reputable brands like Voltrium. 

Cheap scooters are generally very expensive to maintain and vice versa. If you are looking for happy adventures and trouble free scooting with a team that is committed to being the best in the business, give Voltrium scooters a try.

We back our claims by offering the longest and best Australian electric scooter warranty in every scooter segment. For the Ion and Ion Max, that is 2 years and Rogue Series Scooters that is 3 Years on the Scooter and 2 Years on the battery

Where to secure your next Electric Scooter in Melbourne

If you’re committed to the Electric Scooter life, our experienced and passionate team at Voltrium are here to offer you test rides and expert advice on how to maximise your experience with your first electric scooter or next electric scooter. 

Our facility in Clayton also services the whole of Australia as a distribution centre and we offer the full range of servicing, repairs and aftersales support on site or remotely via phone or email or live chat. 

We also offer flexible payment options through Buy Now, Pay Later facilities such as Afterpay, Humm and Klarna as well as Paypal’s Pay in 4

We like to take our time with our customers and ensure that they have plenty of seat time to experience all the stand out features of a Voltrium scooter. Take a look at what a in person scooter delivery experience looks like with us:


We understand that your time is valuable and strive to provide you with all the information you need to know by the time you head off from our store in Clayton

If you’re quite a drive away from our store, we also offer free shipping Australia wide, so no matter if you’re in the outer suburbs or rural Victoria or interstate from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Tasmania you can experience what riding a Real scooter really is all about. If you need further assistance, do contact us.



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