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Buy Electric Scooters in Brisbane

Queensland’s electric scooter market is the largest in Australia. A study conducted by WeRide Australia has shown that due to the early legalisation of both hired and private electric scooters in Queensland. The adoption rate is the highest in Australia. 

Furthermore, public transport in some areas of Brisbane is infrequent and hard to access. In Queensland Time’s article, a scooter rider had shaved off over 20 minutes on his commute by riding an Electric scooter compared to walking to the nearest bus station from home to catch an unreliable bus service. 

With comfortable warmer weather and sunny days compared to most other states on the east coast, Queensland really is one of the best states to ride an Electric Scooter in. With so many choices of  on the market, our team at Voltrium has assembled a guide on how to avoid dissapointment and make your first electric scooter or next electric scooter ownership a happy and memorable one.


Choosing the Right Scooter.

To zone in on the right Electric scooter for you, important considerations such as your journey length, rider weight, terrain type and looking at how the scooter will integrate into your journey is key. 

If you plan on riding in mostly built up areas such as the CBD, take the scooter in and out of public transport or the boot of you car several times a day and long range riding isn’t on the agenda, then a lightweight commuter type electric scooter would be perfect for you. At Voltrium, our Ion and Ion Max scooters fit this objective. 

Commuter type scooters are usually seen as the entry level scooters and are often built cheaply to meet a low price point. This often means that riders will have to sacrifice on quality and battery range. Recognising this missed opportunity, the Ion series does not sacrifice on performance, build quality and premium features such as Dual Suspension.

If you are seeking a scooter that can tackle longer rides in utmost comfort, with enough battery range and power to handle any hills, then the Rogue Dual Motor and Rogue Dual Motor Max. With their Convertible design, you can choose to ride in Stand Up configuration when you are feeling adventurous and quickly attach the comfortable, tool-less and sturdy seat when you want maximum stability and comfort. Dual Motor scooters like the Rogue Series turn hill climbs into an absolute breeze, especially when carrying heavier riders. 

If you are an adventure seeker, then the Rogue Dual Motor Max can even be optioned with a long range battery that gives you up to 150km of Range per charge, so you can explore and cover ground like no other scooter can.

Choosing the Right Brand.

Most scooter shops in Brisbane are really scooter dealers, they simply re-sell electric scooters from international brands. In Australia, there were only two true electric scooter manufacturers that actually engaged in proper engineering and local manufacturing work in any capacity. The first brand is Voltrium and the second brand appears to no longer exist.

The upsides of engaging directly with the scooter manufacturer is that you get the best sales deals and the latest and most accurate advice relating to the scooter models. Furthermore any troubleshooting is generally performed at a fraction of the time should you need assistance. 

Even better, is if you choose an electric scooter from a true blue Australian manufacturer. However don’t be fooled, as discussed the overwhelming majority of “Australian” scooter brands are simply just direct imports from China but with a fancy new name and different colour theme from the mass production version that three other “Australian” brands probably sell. We hope you understand by now that the e-scooter market is rather… incestuous dare we say. 

At Voltrium every model we release is either an exclusive design from the ground up or a regional exclusive version with features that are truly unique to our brand and the Australian market. When you look at our range and compare it to other brands, there are obvious positive differences in both functionality and design. 

If you have ever been into an e-scooter store you may or may not be struck with how similar every model looks beside the paint colour and brand name. Put simply, it is because they are the same. They come from the same factory and most likely have the same hardware. You can do better when it comes buying and electric scooter. Don’t pay for badge engineering and marketing, pay for REAL engineering. We go through the unique design of our Rogue series scooters here:





You become a part of the Brand's Community

One of the perks of owning an electric scooter in Queensland and Brisbane specifically is that there are great community groups where you can take your electric scooter on adventure rides with people who have similar interests. At Voltrium, we’re extremely proud to be brand sponsors of ScootMasters. 

Founded in 2019 by Pete Finn, the private electric scooter owners group has evolved to over 4500 online members and over 50 active members who consistently show up to rides every weekend! We love their warm, inviting and friendly vibe and the respectable administrators who have kept the group pacing along with vigour. Many electric scooter communities have fractured due to ostracisation of scooter types and the community page being used aggressively for commercial interests of other brands.

At Voltrium, we are all about adventure and exploring the outdoors with family and friends and believe that amazing community at ScootMasters, the wonderful scenic paths of Brisbane and of course our incredible scooters truly live up to our mission statement.

Even if you aren’t an electric scooter enthusiast per say, Voltrium owners somehow become one anyways. If you’re looking for a good time and also to keep a scooter for a long time then we think there isn’t a better choice than a Voltrium. 

Where to go to get your Voltrium

We offer fast and free shipping Australia wide as well as prompt and efficient service for sales and aftersales. You can simply configure your scooter of choice on our secure website and checkout directly online or if you feel more comfortable chatting to a friendly team member before your commitment, you can contact us.

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