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Buy premium australian designed electric Motor scooters
For commuting, golfing, adventure and fun.


Voltrium has been innovating and refining electric scooters since 2016. With Electric Scooter models to suit your commute all the way to carrying your Golf Clubs on the fairways, there is a Voltrium made for you.


We’re an energetic brand focused on delivering high performance, high end electric scooters.

We’re actively involved in the electric vehicle community and take pride in our deep technical knowledge and drive to constantly improve our products and service.

australia's best electric scooters

industry leaders since 2016

For over 8 years now, Voltrium’s range of scooters have been developed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions.

industry leaders since 2016

australia's best electric scooters

For over 8 years now, Voltrium’s range of scooters have been developed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions.

Our Rogue Series and Pro Series are designed and engineered in Melbourne at our Clayton Facility. They Pioneer the convertible design that allows effortless switching between seated and stand up riding.

Voltrium scooters are covered by the longest warranties in each model’s segment. We’re confident with the quality of our models.


Yrs of experience

in the e scooter industry


established in 2016

Developed and constantly evolving in Australia

australia's highest rated e- scooter manufacturer.

real customers. real reviews

See what customers have to say about Voltrium.

Our kind customers have taken time out of their day to offer their genuine opinion. No pushy photography and funny business here.

It’s impossible to tell how good or bad a scooter is until it has been used for many months and years. The video reviews show returning customers instead of new owners who are still looking at their experience through rose coloured glasses



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4.9/5 stars

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5/5 Stars

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Real Scooters. Real Australian Guarantees

Get Peace of Mind with the best E-scooter Guarantees and Warranties in Australia.

Locally Stocked Parts

Australian based 2-3 Year Warranty

Australian support team

Australia wide service and repair centres*

Real Scooters. Real Australian Guarantees

Get Peace of Mind with the best E-scooter Guarantees and Warranties in Australia.

What the experts say

Recent Media Coverage of Voltrium:

What the experts say

Recent Media Coverage:

Need Help deciding?

Voltrium’s scooter models are vast and versatile. We stock a range of seated scooters, dual motor scooters, golfing scooters as well as electric kick scooters. Voltrium products are popular on the golf course, uneven terrain, and extended rides that need a long range scooter.

Best Escooters in Australia

Our Rogue series are the SUV’s of the e-scooter world. Some versions have dual motors, making them strong offroad electric scooters. They also have batteries that can provide 150km of riding per charge, meaning they are the best escooter for exploring the vast outdoors.

Our Ion Series is Australia’s premium, lightweight commuter scooters designed to make your journey an absolute breeze. They weight as little as 14Kg and some variants like the Ion Max even have dual suspension.

If you’re a heavier and taller rider, the Pro series is the pick. The Pro Plus can support riders up to 140Kg and 195cm tall. It has a sturdy platform, robust motor, and ample battery for heavy duty use.

Leading Technology 

Voltrium created the convertible design for easy switching between sitting and standing on the Rogue Series. Our user friendly and robust folding mechanism makes them easier to carry too.

Safety is our first priority. Disc brakes and the regenerative braking system allows Voltriums stop quickly and decisively when you need it the most.

Voltrium scooters also employ fast charging and since 2018, allowing for full charges within 5 hours.


Unmatched Functionality

We made accessories for our scooter based on customer feedback to make them more useful. You can use the Rogue Series and Pro Series as ride-on golf caddies by fitting them with our Quick Release Golf Carrier. The scooter simply carries you and your golf bag.

You can option the exclusive Rear Storage Box to carry gear with you on a longer ride or a shopping run. With 35L of storage, you can fit your groceries or a full-sized helmet in a locked and secure compartment.

We’ve also thought about charging and a place to put your mobile phone when on rides. You can option a sturdy phone cradle that features both USB and QI wireless charging. This allows you to keep your Maps going all day long as the charger runs off the scooter’s sizeable battery.


Get a Real Scooter. Get a Voltrium

The fact is, the deeper you look into a Voltrium the more clever design and engineering you will find. Now you just need to decide on which flavour of Voltrium is best for you. If this guide didn’t land a decision for you, contact us!

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    Lightweight Scooters

    These scooters are:

    – Lightweight

    – Compact

    – Comfortable to Ride

    – Sleek & Stylish

    They are designed to fit easily into a small car and to be used for last mile journeys between public transport hubs, homes and workplaces.

    Fastest Scooters

    These scooters have: 

    The highest levels of performance

    Most advanced braking and suspension hardware

    Large wheels for maximum grip.

    They embody our slogan, Get a Real Scooter. Get a Voltrium to the full extent.

    Heavy Rider Weight Scooters

    These scooters are capable of handling larger riders with weights of up to 145Kg and over 190cm height. They generally have:

    – A robust and larger platform capable of handling high loads providing more usable foot-space

    – Powerful Motors to provide ample hill climbing ability with high loads

    – Stronger Braking systems

    – Heavier Duty Suspension

    – Larger battery capacities to provide long range riding despite increased consumption from heavy loads.

    Off-Road Scooters

    These scooters are suitable for use on unpaved surfaces to explore trails and beyond the beaten path. They generally have :

    – A robust platform capable of handling the stress and impacts of      Off- Road riding

    – Optional Off-Road Tyres for more grip

    – Advanced Suspension to improve comfort Off-Road

    – Durable drivetrains capable of running under high loads 

    – Larger batteries to enable stress free exploring

    Golfing Scooters

    These scooters are perfect for use as a rideable golf caddy. They feature:

    – A robust platform capable of handling heavy weights. 

    – All terrain capability

    – Auick release golf bag holders 

    – Foldable design for easy transport