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Voltrium Foldable Electric Golfing Scooters with Seat.

The goal of playing traditional golf is to get a hole in one. You also get to enjoy time with your golf buddies in between shots.

Walking on the golf course with a golf cart can be a good exercise for some players. However, not everyone is interested or able to do it for all 18 holes. As such, there exists a barrier both physically and mentally when it’s golfing time.

You may hire a golf cart to drive around the course, but it is quite expensive and not always available.

At Voltrium we gave a great solution: the Golfing Rogue Dual Motor Scooter. A foldable and all terrain capable electric scooter that can carry your golf bag and transport you around the golf course!

High Weight and Hill Climbing Capacity.

One of the standout features of the Voltrium Rogue Dual Motors is its dual-motor system. The all-wheel drive system gives good grip and power to handle a rider and heavy golf bag on tough terrains. Whether you’re navigating through thick grass or steep hills, the Rogue Dual Motor scooter will pull through with ease.

Battery Life to Last the Game.

The Golfing Rogue Dual Motor scooter has a large battery that can last for up to 65km of riding. This is enough for a full round of golf and some extra fun before or afterwards. The battery has extra capacity, which allows it to last a long time. It can withstand wear and tear from years of use.

Designed with Golfers in Mind.

The Golfing Rogue Dual Motor is a lightweight and foldable scooter that you can use off-road. It makes traveling between home and the golf course easier.

The Golf carrier rack is easy to assemble in seconds without tools, thanks to its quick release design. A new kickstand with a wide base helps the scooter stay balanced on the grass without falling over or sinking in.

The Rogue Dual Motor can also be a seated scooter, meaning maximum comfort whilst you move from hole to hole on the course.

Voltrium Rogue Dual Motor - Folding Design.
Rogue Dual Motor in Folded Position - Easy to Transport
Voltrium Rogue Dual Motor - Foldable Electric Golfing Scooter with Seat
Rogue Dual Motor unfolded with Golf Bag Carrier Attached

Convenient Accessories.

You can option the Golfing Rogue Dual Motor with accessories to make your Golf game even more convenient. Several options are available; they include a removable basket, a phone mount with wireless charging, and a drink holder.

The removable basket is convenient for storing items such as your clipboard or sand bucket. The phone mount with wireless charging allows you to charge your phone while playing, whilst the drink holder provides easy access to your beverage.

Peace of Mind.

All Rogue Dual Motor scooters are covered by Australia’s longest e-scooter warranty. Get covered for 2 years on the battery and 3 years on the scooter. Furthermore, our warranty is Australia based, meaning efficient and hassle free support. 

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