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Buy Seated Electric Scooters in Australia

Electric scooters with seats are ideal for riders who want stability, comfortable long rides, and less strain on their knees. Seated scooters are better than regular electric kick scooters in many ways. They offer a more comfortable ride and can go longer distances without fatiguing the rider.

This article discusses the advantages of electric scooters and why Voltrium’s range is the top choice in Australia.

Buy Seated Electric Scooters in Australia

Comfortable and Convenient

Seated electric scooters are usually designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Seated scooters let you sit while riding, making them beneficial for longer rides, as it reduces strain on your legs and back.


Riding seated also lowers your centre of gravity, making the handling of the scooter far easier to control. If you have a limited sense of balance or are a novice in the electric scooter world, chances are a seated scooter is far easier to manage than a traditional stand up one.

High Performance

With increased stability and reduced rider fatigue, a sit down scooter can often outperform a stand up scooter. Acceleration and handling are typically better on a seated scooter as the rider can lean into a turn. This allows for smoother and confident cornering where the traditional scooter can feel like it wants to topple over.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Seated Electric Scooter

Range and Battery Life

Depending on how you plan to use an escooter with seat, battery range plays an important factor for your purchase.

Scooter’s with longer battery range generally have more motor power or even dual motor drive. For example, our Rogue Dual Motor Max can travel up to 150km on a single charge and has 4800w of peak power. The Max has some of the most powerful motors for a scooter in it’s price range.

Speed and Power

In most states of Australia, electric scooters have a capped top speed of 25km/h to comply with regulations. However, the limiters are usually removable at the owner’s request.

Your riding environment and distance will dictate a power level that is appropriate. For example, if your commute has many long and steep hills the best choice will be dual motor power. If you are a lightweight rider (under 70kg) and travel mainly on flat shared paths then a powerful single motor scooter will work.

Ease of Transport

The majority of sit down scooters come with a seat that is difficult to stow away or remove. This poses problems when you need to fold the scooter to transport it.

At Voltrium, we realised that this is a problem and have solved it by making our seats a quick release design. This means the seat can be removed and installed quickly without the need of tools.

The added benefit of the quick release seat is that the rider can choose to switch to seated or stand up riding on the fly.

Aftersales Support

When purchasing a brand new seated scooter, you want to ensure minimal problems and maximum enjoyment. The warranty period is crucial, as it directly correlates to the quality of the scooter. A well built unit will usually have longer warranty. At Voltrium, our Rogue series scooters is covered by Australia’s longest e-scooter warranty of 3 years.

Customer service is also critical. A long warranty period is great but pointless when the manufacturer is hard to contact. Worse still is when a scooter brand takes months on end trying to resolve your problems.

How to Secure your next Voltrium Seated Electric Scooter.

Electric Scooters with seats are a fantastic alternative, especially if you are chasing more comfort from your ride. Why not have the best of both worlds with a scooter that can convert on the fly between seated and stand up riding? Our Voltrium Rogue Dual Motor, Dual Motor Max and Pro Plus can all achieve this.

Voltrium Rogue Dual Motor - Convertible Design: Stand Up Position
Voltrium Rogue Dual Motor - Convertible Design. Seated Position
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