Voltrium Rogue 2000 [Lithium]

Voltrium Rogue 2000 [Lithium]

- Flagship Scooter that is fully equipped with highest performance

- Lithium battery provides up to 40km Range

- 1 Year Warranty on Scooter and 2 Year Warranty on Battery


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Rogue 2000 Lt Clean
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2000w Brushless Motor


The 2000 Watt Brushless motor provides powerful acceleration with full torque available at takeoff.



Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers


The Reinforced suspension is firm yet adaptable, adjustable and offers comfortable dampening.

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Motorcycle inspired Chain Tensioner


The Voltrium exclusive chain tensioning system is far superior in durability and ease of use compared to inferior scooters.


Powerful Disc Brakes


Powerful Disc brakes bring the Voltrium Rogue 2000 to a stop in a pinch and are easy to service.

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Projector LED Headlights


Visibility is paramount on electric scooters. See clearly ahead when it is dark with upgraded Projector LED headlights that are designed to aesthetically match the styling of the scooter.


Multifunction Display


The display shows Instantaneous Speed, Average Speed, Top Speed, Scooter Mileage and Journey Distance.


LED Battery Indicator & Eco Mode


See the battery's state of charge with the upgraded LED meter. The Red button switches the scooter into Economy Mode that increases range.


LED Tail Lights


Increase your visibility to others especially in the dark. The tail lights turn on together with the head lights and glow brighter when the brakes are applied.


Upgraded Kick Stand


The upgraded Kick stand is robust and Spring Loaded. Allowing the scooter to stand securely compared to cheap scooters that fall over on level ground.


12 Inch CST Tyres

The 12 inch wheels offer increased grip and top speed. Available in off-road and on-road style

Lithium Battery

NMC Lithium Battery

The cutting edge of Batteries. It offers up to 40km of range and weighs only 5.5kg.

It comes with a fast charger that can top up the batteries to full in 4 hours


Foldable Chassis

With a simple tug of a handle, fold the Voltrium Rogue 2000 into a compact size that is portable and easy to transport


Optional Accessories

Expand the Rogue 2000's functionality with a Universal Rear Rack, Golf Carrier or a storage box.