Rogue 2000w Gen III (2021 Model) – layby

$925.00 Inc. GST

The Scooter that does it All.

The Rogue 2000 Lithium can be configured with useful accessories to increase practicality.

With an ever growing arsenal of accessories you can be sure that the Rogue 2000 will deliver and keep on delivering.

21 in stock (can be backordered)


20Ah Lithium Battery + 5A Charger


30Ah Lithium Battery + 7.5A Charger


40Ah Lithium Battery + 10A Charger


50Ah Lithium Battery + 12.5A Charger


Rear Universal Rack


Front Basket with Mount

Out Of Stock +

Rear Storage Box + Universal Rear Rack


Golf Rack + Universal Rear Rack


Single Piston


Dual Piston

54T Sprocket +


44T Sprocket +

(Increased Speed)

64T Sprocket +

(Increased Torque)

Tarmac Tyre +

12" Tarmac Tyre

Off-Road Tyre - Out of stock +

12" Off-Road Tyre - Out of stock

Out Of Stock +
Out of Stock +
Black +

Universal Phone Mount (Black)

Blue +

Universal Phone Mount (Blue)

Red +

Universal Phone Mount (Red)

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How Layby works:

We take a 50% deposit to secure the scooter for you. Then you can pay the rest of the scooter off over 3 months.

Once the scooter has been completely paid for, then we can ship off the scooter.

This is a great way to secure the scooter and pay smaller amounts over a longer period of time if you haven't got all the money up front.

For Total cost of the scooter please see below


Total Cost:

$925(50% Deposit) + $925* = $1850


*How you decided to pay the second portion is up to you. As long as the scooter is paid off in full within 3 months.