Rogue 2000 Lithium

Just Legendary.

Recreation of usage in Queensland. Check local road rules before use in public areas.

Professionals shown in a controlled environment. Always wear a helmet when riding.


Rogue 2000 Lithium

Just Legendary.

Golf Scooter without Logo
Rogue 2000 Basket
Rogue 2000 Box

One Scooter Four Configurations.

The Rogue 2000 Lithium can be configured with useful accessories to increase practicality.

Rogue 2000 Lithium (20Ah)
Rogue 1600 Lithium (20Ah)
Rogue 2000 Lead Acid (Outgoing Model)

Keep Riding All Day Long

The Rogue 2000 Lithium state of the art battery gives you plenty of riding range before needing to be recharged.

Minimal Downtime

The Rogue 2000's State of the art Lithium Battery charges back up to full far quicker than any lead acid battery. From empty it can recharge to 75% in  1.5 Hours and back up to full in 4 hours.

Lithium Battery
3 - 4 Hrs
Lead Acid Battery
6 - 8 Hrs
Rogue 2000
2000ld Folded
Rogue 2000 Lead Acid (Outgoing Model)
1600 Folded
Rogue 1600 Lithium (20Ah)
2000 Folded
Rogue 2000 Lithium (20Ah)

Big Frame with Small weight.

Rogue 2000 Lithium provides a wider deck than Rogue 1600 without sacrificing lightness.


Powerful & Efficient

Rogue 2000 Lithium is powered by a high efficiency brushless motor. It is able slingshot the scooter from 0 -30km/h in 3.5 seconds.

A Ride like No Other


Besides the impressive performance of the Rogue 2000 Lithium. The scooter is fully equipped with a suite of standard features to make your ride comfortable and relaxing.


The Rogue 2000 Lithium can be an absolute beast when unleashed or completely unassuming when cruising around normally.

Attachments that Expand Functionality


Golf Carrier with Universal Rear Rack

Let the Rogue scooter do all the heavy lifting on golf course. Just focus on getting that hole in one


Rear Storage Box with Universal Rear Rack

Increase your storage capacity with a large, removable storage box


Front Storage Basket

Store small items conveniently with the removable front basket

Available at checkout.

Voltrium Accessories


Extended Front & Rear Mudguards

Minimise Dirt and Mud flicking up when heading offroad


Alloy Phone Mount

Have a Sturdy place to keep your phone while riding. See your maps in crystal clarity.

Smooth Start Controller

Provides a more effortless surge in acceleration in comparison the the standard controller. Recommended if using the Rogue 2000 Lithium for Golfing.

Graph White

Available at checkout.

News & Reviews


"This all metal, all black Chassis is an Absolute Beast!"

Chris Vanderstock - Australian Tech Reviewer.

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