Rogue 2000 Gen 3.5

The scooter that does it all. Now evolved

Recreation of usage in Queensland. Check local road rules before use in public areas.

Professionals shown in a controlled environment. Always wear a helmet when riding.


Rogue 2000 Lithium GEN 3.5

The scooter that does it all. Now Evolved


The Scooter that does it All.

The Rogue 2000 Lithium can be configured with useful accessories to increase practicality.

With an ever growing arsenal of accessories you can be sure that the Rogue 2000 will deliver and keep on delivering.

IPX4 Splash Resistant

Caught in the rain on your trip? No Problems with the Rogue 2000.


*Water resistant is not equivalent to waterproof. Do not hose down, Do not wade through water. Water Damage will not be covered under warranty

Rogue 2000 Lithium (20Ah)
Rogue 2000 Lithium (30Ah)
Rogue 2000 Lithium (40Ah)
Rogue 2000 Lithium (55Ah)

Keep Riding All Day Long

The Rogue 2000's state of the art battery gives you plenty of riding range before needing to be recharged.

The lithium packs come with a wide range of capacity options to suit your needs.

Minimal Downtime

The Rogue 2000 recharges quicker than the competition. From empty it can rejuvenate to 75% in 2 Hours and back up to full in 4 hours.

Voltrium Charger
2 - 4 Hrs
Competitors Charger
6 - 20 Hrs
Rogue 2000
1600 Folded
Rogue 1600 Lithium (20Ah)
2000 Folded
Rogue 2000 Lithium (20Ah)

Big Frame. Small weight.

Rogue 2000 provides the largest foot board area in it's class for unmatched comfort. Stretch your legs out to your heart's content.


A Tailor Made Experience

Rogue 2000 comes with adjustable performance settings (P-Settings),

allowing the rider to adjust parameters of the scooter to suit their riding needs.

Thicker 3mm Brake Discs

Unique to Voltrium, the thicker brake discs do not warp under extreme braking conditions,

last longer and provide a solid reassuring braking feel at the lever.

Rear Brakes-min

Standard Dual Piston Calipers

High performance Dual Piston Calipers slow the Rogue 2000 down in a pinch.



Unmatched Stability

Equipped with standard 12 inch On-Road tyres, the Rogue 2000 confidently grips the tarmac.

Or switch to knobby off road wheels to explore your favourite trail.


Ready for Rough & Tumble

A rugged steel frame and dual shock absorbers front and rear

mean the Rogue 2000 is made to handle journeys off the beaten path.

Updated Lighting Package

Dual headlights provide superior visibility when day becomes night.


Sweating the Details


The Rogue 2000 has been obsessively refined and tweaked, with many design choices and features hiding in plain sight that provide riders with a cohesive ownership experience.

A revised spring loaded seat offers better seating comfort, while our unique braking system offers riders improved safety and riding confidence.  The waterproof modular wiring harness & revised chain tensioners provide owners  with straight forward maintenance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Attachments that Expand Functionality


Golf Carrier with Universal Rear Rack

Let the Rogue scooter do all the heavy lifting on golf course. Just focus on getting that hole in one


Rear Storage Box with Universal Rear Rack

Increase your storage capacity with a large, removable storage box


Front Storage Basket

Store small items conveniently with the removable front basket

Available at checkout.

Voltrium Accessories

GIF MUDGUARD 300 x 300

Extended Front & Rear Mudguards

Minimise Dirt and Mud flicking up when heading offroad

GIF Phone Holder Front

Alloy Phone Mount

Have a Sturdy place to keep your phone while riding. See your maps in crystal clarity.

Available at checkout.

News & Reviews


"This all metal, all black Chassis is an Absolute Beast!"

Chris Vanderstock - Australian Tech Reviewer.

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