Voltrium Rogue 1600w Gen III (2022 Model – Refreshed )

$1,600.00 Inc. GST

Rogue 1600watt Now introducing the all new, more powerful 1600 watt Rogue from Stealth Scooters, that will have you racing up hills and speeding down roads


20Ah Lithium Battery + 5A Charger


30Ah Lithium Battery + 7.5A Charger


Rear Universal Rack


Front Basket with Mount


Rear Storage Box + Universal Rear Rack


Golf Rack + Universal Rear Rack

54T Sprocket +


64T Sprocket +

(Increased Torque)

Tarmac Tyre +

12" Tarmac Tyre

Off - Road Tyre +

12" Off - Road Tyre

Black +

Universal Phone Mount (Black)

Blue +

Universal Phone Mount (Blue)

Red +

Universal Phone Mount (Red)

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The Entry level rogue 1600 offers riders an unforgettable experience. Be propelled by 1600 watts of power and reach speeds of 45 km/h.

Stop safely with powerful disc brakes and see clearly ahead with LED headlights. Ride comfortable with fully adjustable spring - loaded seats and enjoy up to 23Km of riding range.


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Review for Rogue 1600w Lithium
1200 w

They are awsome scooters

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Well, let me be the first to review this great piece of gear. I am a novice when it comes to this type of technol

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I bought my 1500w scooter from these guys a couple of months ago after having first bought what I thought was a sim

Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

We purchased one of these scooters for our son for him to be able to commute to university, he suffered a serious

Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

Hi there, delivery was quick and not a problem at all to set up. This scooter is a beast, Hold on when you put it

Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

Being a tight-arse ethnic man, I rely heavily on the customer reveiws for any perspective purchase.
Quality of p

Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

Just want to say a big thank you, scooter arrived yesterday and it is better than I could have imagined . I absol

Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

These guys are great. Quick delivery, quality product. Turbo mode is amazing. battery range is great. Customer se

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What attachment is right for me ?

We have many different attachments for our Rogue series scooters you can see all of them here for a run down.

Smooth Start or Fast Start Controller ?

The controller you choose will depend on the use you have for the scooter. 

Generally we recommend a smooth start controller if you are using the scooter in areas that require more precise control at lower speeds, for example on a golf course or riding slowly around high traffic areas.

Fast start controllers are better if you aren't really not worried about the scooter being a little jerky on take off, which is mostly fine for open areas.

You can read more about the controllers on offer here

What sprocket should i choose ?

The sprocket you choose is very much dependant on what you are using the scooter for?

For most situations we recommend using the default sprocket setup which is a 54T sprocket on the rear wheel. However they're certain situations where a bigger or smaller sprocket works better. 

For the 44T Sprocket we only recommend this on the Rogue 2000w Lithium scooter. This will increase the maximum top speed of the scooter, however it will reduce torque which result if slower take off speeds and reduced speed up hills. The don't recommend you use this if you live in a hilly area or you are approaching the maximum load of the scooter.

The 70T sprocket is recommend to be used in areas that have alot of hills or you are on the upper limit of the max load of the scooter. This sprocket will increase the torque but reduce the top speed of the scooter.

You can read more about the sprockets here

What wheel tread should i choose ?

We off three different wheel treads for the Rogue 1600w and two for the Rogue 2000w.

All terrain is perfect if you do a little off-roading and on-roading as it has ample grip off-roading but doesn't make the ride bumpy on asphalt 

The tarmac style tread is perfect for sealed surfaces as it will maximise the top speed of the scooter and is the most comfortable 

The Off-Road option is good for surfaces that aren't sealed like grass and rocks as they provide more grip at higher speeds, however please note that these scooters aren't designed for any serious off-roading and if used for serious off-roading it could result if damage to the frame or suspension. Off-Road wheels also make sealed surfaces less comfortable as they are more bumpy.

Do you offer Local Pickup and test Rides ?

Yes we offer local Pickup and test rides at Mount Waverley. Please Contact Us for more information about pickup and test riding

Where do you ship in Australia ?

We ship Australia Wide through TNT Express, you can get a quote from us for shipping either through the contact form or you can go to the cart and shipping will be calculated.

I need help purchasing online do you guys offer over phone purchases ?

Yes we offer over the phone purchases or PayPal money requests and we can help you with every step of that process if you ever get stuck. Contact us for more help.

Does Voltrium offer after-sales support?

The team at Voltrium prides itself on offering exceptional after-sales support. From stocking the full range of parts for all our scooters to a team that has actual technical knowledge about the scooters we offer, with a super quick turn around on all questions you may have. 

You can learn more about Voltrium and who we are here