Rogue 1200

Australia's best value sit down scooter



Dressed to Impress.

We really do mean it when when we claim the Rogue 1200 to be Australia's best value sit down scooter. Enjoy high end scooter features and build quality with breakthrough pricing.



Dual Rear Shock Absorbers.

Adjustable, Long Travel and effectively softens bumps on any terrain.



Front Monoshock.

Adjustable and with revised trail (Caster Angle), gives the Rogue 1200 superior straight line stability.



Revised Aluminium Chain Tensioners

Stronger, Lighter and easier to use than ever. Makes maintenance a breeze



Strengthened suspension mounting points

A one piece rod now braces the two rear shocks together for an even more solid riding experience


Rock Solid.

The Rogue 1200 utilises the tried and tested Rogue series platform, which is all terrain capable, rugged and foldable. Dual suspension ensures maximum ride comfort no matter the type of terrain.



Fully Integrated Displays & Controls.

View & adjust your speed, battery information, speed mode and scooter settings with crystal clarity



Brake Levers with Rubberised Grips

Provides a soft, comfy and grippy touch point to slow the Rogue 1200 down.



Heavy Duty Kickstand.

Designed to keep the Rogue 1200 upright even with additional payload from accessories such as the Golf Rack or Storage Box.



Front & Rear Mudguards

Front & Rear Mudguards are now standard to keep the rider clean. Can be upgraded to extended length mudguards or carbon fibre look mudguards.



Lightweight ABS deck,

Sporting the new aqua blue graphics of the Rogue 1200, stand out from the sea of scooters that look like a homework copy of each other.


A Little bit Fancy.

The Rogue 1200 is loaded with premium touches that elevate the scooter to a level that is far beyond what the price tag suggests.



Grunty 1200w Mid Drive Motor.

High performance, High efficiency and easy to maintain



Lithium Ion Batteries

With multiple lithium battery options to suit your needs, you won't be left stranded with no charge.



2.5mm Brake Discs.

Unique to Voltrium, the thicker laser cut brake discs provide superior endurance and a solid brake feel at the lever.


Outstanding Performer.

The Rogue 1200 sits at the leading edge of the market segment with outstanding performance, battery range, short recharge times.



LED Tail Light.

Improve visibility at night and doubles as a brake light



Projector LED Headlight

See clearly ahead when day becomes night



Ignition Key Lock.

Deters scooter theft

Rogue 1200 Optional Horn


Optional Horn.

Loud 108bd horn effectively alerts danger to your surroundings


Safe & Sound.

Safety and convenient features give rider's peace of mind when riding the Rogue 1200.



Comfy Wide Base Seat.

Ride long distances without feeling sore.



Adjustable Seat Post.

Makes the Rogue 1200 accommodate a wide range of body types



Easy to Use & Robust Folding Mechanism.

Foolproof folding mechanism prevents head stem collapse from improper latching.


Seamless Seated Experience.

The Rogue 1200 was designed to be a seated scooter from the ground up. This means rider comfort, ergonomics and practicality are not compromised. The seat can be adjusted and removed in less than 5 seconds without any tools.

Attachments that Expand Functionality


Rear Storage Box with Universal Rear Rack

Increase your storage capacity with a large, removable storage box


Front Storage Basket

Store small items conveniently with the removable front basket

Available at checkout.

Voltrium Accessories

GIF MUDGUARD 300 x 300

Extended Front & Rear Mudguards

Minimise Dirt and Mud flicking up when heading offroad

GIF Phone Holder Front

Alloy Phone Mount

Have a Sturdy place to keep your phone while riding. See your maps in crystal clarity.

It's More than just Aftersales. It's a Community.

Voltrium does aftersales service like no other company. We offer technically accurate advice and fast turn around times for solutions. Most importantly, we listen to you. It's part of the reason why the loyal Voltrium community is growing strong.


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"It is absolutely remarkable to see what Voltrium has achieved with this entry level scooter"

Zoe Mitc - Scootmasters Videographer