Review for Rogue 2000w 20Ah Lithium

I chose Voltrium after reading positive reviews of their high level of customer service. The quality and power of the scooter was a bonus.

As I reside on the other side of the country, my purchase decision was based on customer support. I wasn’t going to hand money over to someone who only loves you until the payment clears. The guys at Voltrium have exceeded my expectations by answering all of my pre and post purchase emails and messages promptly and professionally, some even late into the evening due to daylight savings.

I believe all the other reviews have summed up the quality and power of the scooter but I wanted to highlight that unless you are an electrical engineer, you will need good after sales support to keep it running. The boys have already sorted me out with a controller and spare brake pads and I have all confidence that I can keep the beast maintained and running with their support.