Review for Rogue 2000w 20Ah Lithium

Had the scooter for just about 3 months now and am a very happy customer! I have massive mileage on it clocking a few hundred km on the average week for school, personal and work purposes and its holding up perfectly even after all the usage. Its extremely powerful and easy to control after you get the hang of it, also looks damn cool!

There’s been minor, easily fixable things such as brakes getting looser so having basic know-how to fix these minor issues would be very helpful. Outside of that the only issue I had was the frame holding the light snapped, after notifying Daniel from Voltrium, he kindly sent a replacement to my address quickly, and free of charge.

Excellent quality scooter for all intents and purposes and have an absolute blast riding it! Only improvement would be ship them with some company cards to all the people on the street that show interest in owning something similar! Excellent machine.