Review for Rogue 2000w 20Ah Lithium

Already owning the 1000w version for some time and having stacks of fun on it already, I purchased this 2000w Scooter late last year as an upgrade…

I opted for the 12ah for the lightest weight combination to get max speed. The battery life is huge and haven’t run it flat cruising 2 hours around with myself and my 5 year old son on it aswell.

The electric torque is fun and addictive, always puts a huge smile on my face and everyone else around. Previously hit a cruising top speed 62 kph and speedo has a max record of 88kph on a small downhill stretch.

Now running bigger chain and 72 tooth sprocket for even faster acceleration but lower top speed. Even at 45kph it feels fast. The scooter itself is solid and stable. It rides smooth and feels safe at high speeds.

Daniel and Jeff are awesome to deal with and gave me all the answers and info to my countless pre-purchase questions. Can’t recommend their service and product enough!
Thanks again guys