Review for Nano Prime

I purchased the Nano Prime 2 on pre-order and it was worth the wait for it to arrive. The quoted range & speed along with the proper disc brake (which works well) are what drew me in to buy one.

I’m 6″4 and 93kg and the scooter genuinely does get to 30kph (verified with Strava). It even carried me up and over a bike-path overpass over a main road.

As for the range, I haven’t ran it to 0 yet but did 18km today and it was still on 3 out of 4 bars of battery but likely half-day discharged.

There are 3 speed settings that top the scooter out at 8kph, 20kph and full power (30kph) and the headlight is adequate in the dark.

As for practicality it’s a game changer.

Cheers guys

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