Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

Well, let me be the first to review this great piece of gear. I am a novice when it comes to this type of technology but I know when something feels good and this scooter feels great!! It’s really well put together and feels solidly constructed. Attention to detail is excellent and it rides beautifully. Steering feels tight and the disk brakes are more than effective, even at high speeds. There’s plenty of ‘grunt’ from the 1500 watt, brushless motor and in turbo mode one can easily reach speeds of 50 kmh!! (I weigh 72kg) The digital speedo shows speed, has a trip meter, clock and stopwatch and serve it’s purpose fine. A ‘backlit’ feature might be a option to consider, especially for those of us who ride at night or really early in the morning, as I do. The headlight and brake light are more than adequate and these are activated by the two stage key switch, simple but effective. I find the accelerator a little ‘touchy’ and not a ‘gradual’ process. Perhaps this is something which needs to be addressed from the design stage, not sure. I’d like to see a range of color options for this scooter. I’d also like to see more accessories ie: pack rack, mirrors, choice of gearing and even the ‘belt drive’ option, which I assume would make the scooter even quieter. In concluding, I love the looks on peoples faces as you quietly ride through town. I’ve had two people stop and chat to me at traffic lights! So far, there has been ‘no-issue’ with the law, mind you, I ride quite slowly in the city unless I’m on a bike track where I GUN IT….!! All in all, a wonderful purchase, do yourselves a favour and buy one of these ‘freedom machines’, oh……and don’t forget to wear your helmet!!

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