Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

I bought my 1500w scooter from these guys a couple of months ago after having first bought what I thought was a similar one from another eBay seller. I’d been really disappointed with the first one, which came nowhere near the top speeds it had been advertised as. I’d ended up returning it and then came across Voltrium. I’ve been really happy with this scooter. I use it almost every day to commute and get around locally. It’s FAST. In my experience, these guys have not exaggerated at all about the specs. It is as fast and lasts as long per charge as what they had indicated (for my weight (70kg) it goes about 45kph on the flat and I haven’t run the battery flat yet, having gone up to around 20km on a charge, so I’m guessing their estimate of 25km range was right). It’ little light on torque, taking a little while to get up to top speed. But I’m happy with this style of gearing. It still takes off fast enough and can still get me up steep hills unless I’m dinking 🙂 a friend

It’s very heavy to lift but I’ve still carried it onto buses and trams a few times without too much difficulty. And I often take it on the train. This thing looks pretty badass. It turns heads and it seems like every second day I have someone stop me and ask me about it, where I got it etc. To the extent that I contacted Voltrium and asked them to send me a bunch of business cards so I could just give them out when people ask 🙂 The scooter is rugged and robust.

I do think, though, that you should be prepared to do some slight tinkering/maintenance, about the same as what you’d do with any push bike. In my case, as the suspension as slightly loosened, the chain developed a habit of coming off, so I needed to make a slight adjustment to the rear wheel’s position (nothing too tricky, and this is coming from a guy who is NOT mechanically minded hehe). The after sales support has been amazing. These guys have been incredibly responsive to any question or concerns I had. They really seem VERY serious about customer satisfaction, and spent lots of time answering my questions and giving me some tips with anything I wasn’t sure about as I was getting going. I could not sing their praises more highly. So, overall, I think if you’re thinking about getting an electric recreational scooter that goes fast, and you’re not likely to be regularly carrying it (eg on a bus), so the size and weight are ok, then I’d definitely recommend this scooter. If, like me, you have already decided you want a scooter of this type, and are looking and comparing the different sellers online, then DEFINITELY don’t go past Voltrium. Do NOT make the mistake I made in buying my first one from a different business. That was 3-months of frustration and disappointment trying to return it and get refunded. In my opinion the specs that the other sellers promise are unrealistic. Voltrium are the real deal and don’t over-promise on what their product can deliver (which is still promising and delivering a lot!). -Andrew (happy customer).

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