Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

We purchased one of these scooters for our son for him to be able to commute to university, he suffered a serious knee and foot injury and with no car parking available (find an empty space is near impossible) he is forced to park off campus and try to walk up hill with back pack hence why we now have a scooter. I chose this one because of the specs that were quoted, with son and back pack weighing 90kg we thought this was suitable and we were right, the 15 min walk now take 3 mins on scooter, it has plenty of torque for most hills and doesn’t worry it at all ( on real steep hills the type people walk up for fitness it may struggle a little bit ) the brakes are adequate, suspension is firm. The overall construction is impressive and feels strong, great little trip computer and speedo, seat is comfortable, it will do 40 km per hour no probs on flat, haven’t tested range of battery yet but with the battery indicator next to the throttle grip and the use that it has had I have no reason not to believe it will go 20 -25 km on one charge as they say. It folds up easy and the battery is easily removed to make it lighter if needed when lifting in and out of car. The communication with steathscooters is always very good, l was also impressed with delivery tracking service, first class. Highly recommend this scooter and supplier.
All in all it was a great buy. I was a little unsure at first but turned out to be perfect. It will definitely come into its own after Micheals next operation pretty good looking wheel chair. Thank you to Jeff from Voltrium fantastic Customer service. Would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Voltrium and the scooter

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