Review for Rogue 1600w Lead Acid

Being a tight-arse ethnic man, I rely heavily on the customer reveiws for any perspective purchase.
Quality of products and their value for money drive my buying power.
So With that said,


We initially purchased the 1600w lead model for our sons birthday last year and what can I say but, wow!
– 45km/hour (tested against iPhone gps speedo app)
-20-25km range (again tested against IMAP distance reading)
-Great acceleration (tested against the next door neighbours mean old dog, he didn’t even get close….)
– good build quality and spec.
-extremely comfortable and economical

My son only has one complaint regarding our purchase,
which is that ” he doesn’t get a go on it very often as his sister and father are CONSTANTLY borrowing it!!!!”

Needless to say, we’re very happy.

Customer service is also second to none.
The guys sent the scooter out that same day, as we wouldn’t have received it by his birthday otherwise (were in Perth)
So thumbs up on that too.

Just as a note too, once I have finished writing this review, I will be putting in an order for the 2000w lithium model for some “scientific reasearch”
Yeahhhh boyeeeeeee!!!!

There’s no such thing as adults, were just big kids with money!!!

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