Review for Rogue 2000w Lead Acid

Awesome scooter, well worth the wait. This is one of the most powerful & fast scooter available in Australia right now. It outruns my 49cc petrol scooter & keeps pace with my 71cc, without the noise. Build quality is very good, I love the front & extended back mud guards. However, I would recommend the 44 teeth high speed sprocket. I got the standard 54 teeth sprocket thinking I might need it to go up some hills where I go riding, but the electric motor has so much torque that it’s not necessary. The brushless motor also allows the scooter to coast alot further than brushed ones, something I’m not used to yet. Also, I would prefer to have upgraded the battery. At full speed (about 55 km/h with me at 60kg), the standard battery only lasts about 50 minutes. Overall, I would highly recommend this scooter. It’s the most powerful electric scooter in my collection. Customer service at Voltrium is excellent. Any enquiries is answered quickly & specs aren’t aggregated like other sellers.

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