Tyres (Tires)

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Replacement tyres for Rogues series scooters. Also can be used on other Electric scooters. Most scooters on the market come with a 12″ Wheel, so you will have a choice of On-Road or Off-Road tyres.

Off-Road tyres are good for going through grass and unsealed surfaces like gravel. However these tyres can make the ride bumpy if ridden on the footpath or sealed surfaces such as roads.

They’re also more puncture proof than the On-Road tyres

On-Road tyres will provide the fastest and smoothest ride. For the best riding experience we suggest not riding on gravel or grass as these tyres won’t provide ample grip at high speeds.

The All Terrain tyres are good for people that require to ride on both sealed and unsealed surfaces as this will provide enough grip on gravel and relatively smooth ride on road terrain.




10″ All Terrain Tyre

Size: 4.10/3.50-4

Tread Type: All Terrain

12″ Off Road Tyre

Size: 90/65-6.5

Tread Type: Off-Road

12″ On Road Tyre

Size: 90/65-6.5

Tread Type: On-Road


1 x Choice of Tyre