Smart Lithium Charger 48v / 60v

$65.00$145.00 Inc. GST

Smart Lithium Charger. These chargers are much better than the standard cheap plastic chargers that usually come with most Lithium packs. These chargers have much better and tighter regulation of balancing. You will find that alot of cheaper chargers make cells become unbalanced (BMS is also a consideration of balancing though). It makes sense to get a good quality charger though because as lithium packs are quite expensive, having them unbalance is really annoying and costly. We have two types of Lithium chargers, please carefully check which charger suits your battery pack.



Smart Lithium Charger

60v 5A Charger:

Voltage: 60V

Current: 5A

Total Power: 300W


1 x 60v 5A Charger

1 x Charging adapter


48v 5A Charger:

Voltage: 48V

Current: 5A

Total Power: 240W



1 x 48v 5A Charger

1 x Charging adapter