Sealed Lead Acid Smart Charger

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Sealed Lead acid smart charger

The Lead acid charger will turn off when the battery pack has reached full capacity. The charger may periodically turn back on when the pack needs to be topped up.

This Charger is to be used only with Lead acid packs.

Charger may vary from picture depending on supplier, however the chargers are all the same and work with all 48v or 60v Lead acid scooter packs.

The Alloy case chargers are of much better quality. They don’t seem to suffer from the same Voltage degradation over time that the plastic case chargers suffer from. The Voltage drop can mean your lead acid batteries lifespan is reduced significantly.



Voltage: 48/60v

Charge Current: 1.6A – 2A

Chemistry: Lead Acid


1 x 48/60v 1.6A-2A Sealed Lead Acid Charger

1 x AU Plug