Front and Rear Extended Mudguards (Carbon)

$55.00 Inc. GST

Front and Rear Extended Mud Guards for Rogue 1600w and Rogue 2000w.

The extended mud guards are useful for users that do alot of riding in wet or muddy conditions. For example playing golf or riding in “off-road” conditions. (please keep in mind that none of the scooters have a rated water resistance). They are very helpful to stop water flicking up onto you and ruining your shirt or pants.

We have two different sizes to choose from. Each Mudguard will require some holes to be drilled out on the front forks.

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Front and Rear Extended Mud Guards


1 x Front Mud Guard

1 x Long Rear Mud Guard

4 x M6 Bolts

4 x M6 Lock Nuts