Voltrium Pro+

$3,500.00 Inc. GST

Our all new flagship scooter has arrived!

The Pro Plus+ will set a new benchmark for performance electric scooters, having more performance than ever, more range than ever and more robustness than even our Rogue 2000, courtesy of a powertrain developed in house down here in Melbourne Australia

Available in Machine Grey or Matte Black in limited quantity, orders yours today.


On-Road Tyre


Off-Road tyre


Universal Rack


Golf Rack + Universal Rack


Storage Box

Black +

Universal Phone Mount (Black)

Blue +

Universal Phone Mount (Blue)

Red +

Universal Phone Mount (Red)

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The Voltrium Pro Plus+ will be our flagship scooter, featuring an all new minimalistic European design and jaw dropping performance that far surpasses the Rogue 2000 Lithium.

With a Voltrium Developed Powertrain, featuring more power than ever, more range than ever and more robustness, it sets a brand new benchmark for high performance electric scooters.


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Voltrium Pro. Just Incredible

I recently purchased a Rogue 2000w. It was so much fun, but it lacked that little extra punch that I was after, So I decided to trade in my

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Can I take the Pro Off-Roading?

Yes, the Voltrium Pro Plus+ is designed to handle light duty off-roading. It can easily handle trips off the beaten path. However the Pro is not waterproof and must not wade through any water source. 

At no point should the Pro be used in an extreme manner. This includes any stunt jumps, overloading of the scooter or riding with more than 1 person onboard. 

Do I need to perform any servicing on the scooter?

The Voltrium Pro requires basic periodic maintenance, especially if used in off-road environments. 

The Chain will need to be periodically tightened and lubricated with chain lube.

Do you offer Local Pickup and test Rides ?

Yes we offer local Pickup and test rides at Mount Waverley. Please Contact Us for more information about pickup and test riding

Where do you ship in Australia ?

We ship Australia Wide through TNT Express, you can get a quote from us for shipping either through the contact form or you can go to the cart and shipping will be calculated.

I need help purchasing online do you guys offer over phone purchases ?

Yes we offer over the phone purchases or PayPal money requests and we can help you with every step of that process if you ever get stuck. Contact us for more help.

Does Voltrium offer after-sales support?

The team at Voltrium prides itself on offering exceptional after-sales support. From stocking the full range of parts for all our scooters. To a team with technical knowledge about the scooters we offer, with a super quick turn around on all questions you may have. 

You can learn more about Voltrium and who we are here