New Brake Calipers and Discs Explained

Brake Disc Comparison

At Voltrium we’ve been working very hard on a lot of the feedback that we have received from customers over the years. One of the suggestions that has been made was the brake discs on the Rogue Series would suffer from warping over time, especially if you were a heavier rider or were carrying larger loads. This is due to the original discs being originally designed for mountain bikes, which is generally speaking is a lot lighter and travels at a lower average speed.

Moving forward all our scooters we will use a 2.5mm +-0.1mm disc. Which in both our testing and some beta testing from our customers has effectively eliminated the warping issue. The thicker discs have a higher heat capacity meaning it can handle more extreme braking for longer periods of time before fading. The thicker discs also provide a solid braking feel at the lever due to it's increased rigidity.

Old Brake Disc

Old Disc

New Brake Disc

New Disc

Brake Caliper Comparison

Another improvement that we have made is with the Brake calipers. You now have the option to upgrade the single piston Boli DS brake calipers to Dual piston Zoom brake calipers. The New Dual Piston calipers increase your braking power by 100% and allow for even brake pad wear, which means a lot less maintenance is required. The caliper also features dual adjustable brake pads, which means you can adjust on both sides on the caliper and not just on the left hand side (active side).

old caliper
New caliper

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