Lead vs Lithium

Is it worth upgrading your Lead Acid Batteries to Lithium or higher capacity Lead acid Batteries?

It all that depends on how much you use your scooter and what distance you cover day to day. If you’re a person that only uses your scooter on occasion then upgrading will probably not make any sense. However if your using your scooter more than once a day and/or going long distance then you’ll find that the standard Lead Acid batteries it comes with might not be enough.

So let’s break it down by each battery Chemistry:

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA):

Lead acid batteries come in two different capacities 12 amp hours (AH) and 15AH, both are very heavy and bulky packs, but will offer the cheapest upgrade. However although the total capacity is 12AH most of that capacity isn’t “useful” capacity because the voltage drops to low before all the energy can be used and therefore you can only get around 50%-70% of that charge. For example a 12AH battery actually only has about 6 – 8AH of “useful” capacity.  Due to the relativity short amount of charge cycles, Lead acid batteries are a short – Medium term upgrade at best. Lastly because of increased weight you won’t go as fast, and the electric motor will have to work harder to do the same work.

Lead acid packs that we’ve tested tend to have a cycle life of around 100 – 200 cycles after which they will drop below 80% of the original total capacity, which might sound pretty good, however keep in mind due to the “useful” capacity, you will only end up with around 40% of that held charge being used by the scooter.

Lithium Battery Pack:

Lithium Batteries are by far the best in terms of capacity with a 90 – 100% “useful” capacity. If you are looking to get the best experience out of your scooter and are going to be using it on a regular basis, the upgrade is absolutely worth it. Providing you with a lighter scooter, which also gives the scooter an extra boost in acceleration and top speed.

Lithium Batteries due to their size allows for increased total Capacity even in the same form factor. In fact the Rogue 2000w Scooter can fit up to 54Ah Lithium battery in it, which would provide around 100km per charge. The only barrier for Lithium batteries is the expensive up front costs. However long term they are a far better investment even just looking at overall lifespan of a Lithium battery vs Lead acid.

Our Lithium packs have around 500 – 800 cycles which is around 3 – 6 years before the total capacity of the battery drops to below 80% of the original capacity.

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Voltrium at EV Expo 2018 – Throwback

Summer is just around the corner, which means it will be perfect scooting weather. Earlier this year, we made the most of our summer by attending the Electric Vehicle Expo held by The Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

We had the popular Rogue Series scooters on display and open for test riding at the Melbourne International Karting Complex where riders can really open up the monster power of the Lithium Rogue 2000 Scooters.  Here is a recap of the amazing day.

We are currently preparing to attend the 2019 Electric Vehicle Expo at the same location. More information on that soon.

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Voltrium Lite Series | Coming August.

The Lite series of scooters are a new line of lightweight and compact scooters.

The Nano is focused on exceeding expectations for a entry level slim-scooter.

The Nano Prime is a tech loaded scooter that retains the portability that you will love.

Finally the Mini provides a sweet spot between the compact nature of the Nano with the classic layout of the Rogue, like the removable seat.

More information is to come and the range will officially launch in August.

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