Voltrium Nano

Voltrium Nano

- Convenient Form Factor 

-Thrilling but controllable power 

-Long Range Battery 

-Free Shipping Australia Wide


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Voltrium Nano Scooter Clean

Ultimate Portability.

The Voltrium Nano is light enough to be carried around comfortably and so compact that it fits easily in a boot of a small car after folding.



Features That Matter.

Thoughtful and innovative ideas that make your ride better


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Increase your Productivity.


Effortless and Fast

Travel at over 5 times walking speed without breaking a sweat.

Keep Going All Day Long

The state of the art Lithium Ion battery provides up to 25Km of Riding Range

Safe & Secure.



Large, Grippy wheels


The 6 Inch wheels provide superior Grip and stability when going over bumps


LED Headlights


The bright LED Headlights increase your visibility for a safer ride.

Convenience for everyone.



USB port

USB Charge Port


Use the scooter as a mobile powerbank or to charge your phone during your ride.


Accomodating Deck with Kickstand


The Nano fits a wide range of riders and is handy to use with its sturdy kickstand.


Foldable Chassis

With a simple tug of a handle, fold the Voltrium Nano into a compact size that is portable and easy to transport

A Quick Summary: