Voltrium Nano Prime

Voltrium Nano Prime

- Most Technologically Advanced Scooter from Voltrium

-Fully Customisable settings 

-Superb Craftsmanship

-Free Shipping Australia Wide


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Voltrium Nano Prime Clean

Ultimate Portability.

The Nano Prime provides the most range in its class while still being compact and lightweight to carry.

It fits into the boot of a small car easily.


Features That Matter.

Thoughtful and innovative ideas that make your ride better.

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Get things done.


Fast and Effortless

Travel at over 5 times walking speed without breaking a sweat.

Keep going All Day Long

The Dual swappable battery pack provides enough juice to last up to 40km of riding.

Convenience for everyone.





The steering column has a wide range adjustment to suit a wide range of riders


Sturdy Kickstand


The Nano Prime is very handy to use with its sturdy kickstand. No more having to rest scooters up against walls

Your Private Pit Crew.
In the Palm of your Hands.


The Nano Prime can be controlled by a smartphone App to tailor the settings exactly to your liking.

Here is a selection of what it can do:

Speed Modes

3 Speed Modes

Ride at your own pace with 3 different speed modes.


Push to start

The Nano Prime will only move off under its own power if you initially push it off.

​​​​​​​Use the app to enable or Disable


Password Lock

Lock the Nano Prime with a passcode to prevent unauthorised use.

Cruise Control

Auto Cruise Control

Once travelling fast enough, Hold the throttle constant for 4 seconds to engage. Then just free up your hands and enjoy the scenery.


Foldable Chassis

The Nano Prime folds into a compact size which can be easily transported around.

A Quick Summary: