Brushed vs Brushless Motor

When it comes to the type of electric motor you use. The Brushless motors are definitely the clear winners. Brushless motors are far more efficient producing less heat and noise, increased power output for the given power input, which ultimately means your scooter will go faster and further for the same given amount of power from your battery.

Brushed motors use to have a better price per watt attribute, however as the brushless motor technology has been developing the gap in price has reduced to the point that brushless motors are now cheaper to buy out right and cheaper to run.

Breakdown of Pros & Cons of Brushed and Brushless Motors:

Brushed Motor Pros:

  • Slightly higher Torque per Watt


Brushed Motor Cons:

  • More Power Consumption per Watt
  • Lower RPM
  • Higher Friction (Due to contact with Brushes)
  • Maintenance of brushes
  • Lower Efficiency around 70% - 80%
  • Lower Power/Weight Ratio
  • Higher Fail Rate


Brushless Motor Pros:


  • Lower Power consumption per Watt
  • Higher RPM
  • Lower Friction (reduced Heat)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Higher Efficiency around 85% - 95%
  • Higher Power/Weight Ratio
  • Hardy


Brushless Motor Cons:

  • Slightly lower Torque per Watt
Brush vs Brushless

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