Practicality & Comfort. Without the Bulk.

Recreation of typical usage in Queensland. Check local road rules before use.


Mini Mobile


Practicality & Comfort. Without the Bulk.

Voltrium Mini
Xiaomi Pro
Ninebot ES4

Satisfying Power

The Mini's quiet and efficient hub motor puts it at the leading edge of the small scooter category in terms of acceleration and top speed.


Stop in a Pinch

The Mini is equipped with Mechanical and Electronic Braking to provide powerful stopping when you need it the most

Grip the Road Confidently


The Mini has large 10 Inch wheels that enhance its stability and safety

when navigating potholes and bumps

Impressive Battery

The Voltrium Mini can comfortably achieve 30 km per charge in the real world. Offering ample range for daily commutes or weekend fun rides.


The Pack charges to up to full in 4 hours, minimising down time.

Distance Per Charge
Tested in the real world with 50/50 mix of flat roads and hills
Voltrium Mini Charging Time
4 Hours

Voltrium Accessories


Alloy Phone Mount

Have a Sturdy place to keep your phone while riding. See your maps in crystal clarity.

It's More than just Aftersales. It's a Community.

Voltrium does aftersales service like no other company. We offer technically accurate advice and fast turn around times for solutions. Most importantly, we listen to you. It's part of the reason why the loyal Voltrium community is growing strong.