Voltrium Pro

Great deal on these Ex-Demo Rogue 2000w GEN II Scooters. Perfect choice for those that want a great workhorse scooter, but are happy to forgo some of the improvements that have been made on the GEN III

All Rogue 2000w GEN II will come with a 6 month warranty on the scooter and 2 years on the battery.


Voltrium Pro

Fantastic deal on this Ex-Demo Scooter.

Current Voltrium Pro has been refreshed slightly, however this scooter still includes all the same specs.

Improvements on a newer model are, Japanese NTN wheel bearings, redesigned headlight mounting bracket and stronger seat post.

It is only 4 months old and is great condition both mechanically and visually.


Scooter will include 6 month warranty on scooter and 2 years on battery

Voltrium Mini

The Lite series has come to an end at Voltrium, However we have a second hand Mini available for sale. We are also going to continue stocking parts, so maintenance is still viable.

Scooter is not in a working condition, battery is flat and has been sitting for while, however this would be still a great little frame for DIY or other use as motor and electronics still work..